Defragment your Hard drive

by tyronenevins on February 18, 2011

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Another system utility tool you can use to speed up Windows XP is the defragmenter. Like disk cleanup, this tool comes with the operating system package.   It compiles all the files in your hard drive, making it easier for the system to index and access them. This will further speed up windows XP and prevent […]

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Printer Not Printing: 11 Questions that can Answer the Problem

by tyronenevins January 25, 2011 Troubleshooting
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Printers have come a long way. It should be obvious that their predecessors are the typewriters. It wasn’t until 1938 that the first “high-speed” printer was developed. Various innovations were made with the printer since then. They first released the printer that uses a ribbon (as adapted from the typewriter) and then in 1977, the […]

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Get a good Anti-virus and Firewall

by tyronenevins December 15, 2010 PC Security
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The most definite reason for why a computer slows down is a virus or a malware that infected the files. There are tons of viruses and malwares out there and each of them does different things. Some destroy your registry files; others will require you to reformat your computer, all of which will definitely disrupt […]

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