Get a good Anti-virus and Firewall

by tyronenevins on December 15, 2010

The most definite reason for why a computer slows down is a virus or a malware that infected the files. There are tons of viruses and malwares out there and each of them does different things. Some destroy your registry files; others will require you to reformat your computer, all of which will definitely disrupt your work and waste your time. To prevent this from happening and to provide solution if it ever happens, it is important to have your system guarded by a good anti-virus and hard-to-penetrate firewalls, which will prevent hackers and bots from running rampant on your computer.

If you lack cash, there are some good, free anti-virus. Personally, I would suggest Spyware Terminator for I have used it before. Although it specializes on preventing spywares from the internet, it is coupled with Clam AV, which is a decent anti-virus. It provides daily database updates to catch the latest viruses and malwares.

You can download Spyware Terminator here.

For firewall, have your Windows Firewall turned on. It is included with the Windows XP package. You had better use it since you paid for it. To turn on your Windows Firewall, go to:

1.       Start

2.       Select Control Panel

3.       Click on Firewall. It will present you with this windowIf your firewall is turned off, turn it on by clicking the round button beside “On (recommended). The image above shows you that the firewall is already turned on.

4.       Click Ok. You are now safe from malicious wares that maybe lurking around the internet or from people trying to access your computer through your network (if you’re connected to one).

Although they are useful and good for those who want to save a few bucks, free a free anti-virus and firewall can only take you so far. If you have some important files that you don’t want anyone to see, much less infected with worms or viruses, then it you should get a Premium Anti-virus. For this, I suggest getting one from AVG. I’m using AVG 9.0 Pro, which really helps speed up Windows XP. Aside from consuming minimal memory, it also scans faster than most anti-virus. AVG also incorporated a link scanner for safer browsing. The anti-virus has tons of other features but these are the favorable ones.

As for firewall, AVG 9.0 has its own. I prefer it to Windows Firewall. It is easier to run components that are bundled-up into one system rather than having to run each from separate systems. You’ll have to disable Windows Firewall to use AVG’s.

When your computer is virus-free, Windows XP should run normally and XP freezes should be lessened.

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